Holly Box-Springs

Drag Artist

A little about holly

Holly Box-Springs, who sometimes goes by the name of Nathan McManus, is originally from down south in the not so small town of Pearland, TX. Nathan grew up loving the stage and trying to figure out where he fit in the world of theater. Followed his musical theater career at OKCU then went Lamar University but ultimately the Big Apple’s call was too strong. So with first months rent, security deposit and a suit case moved to NYC in 2009. He put his first pair of heels on as Holly three years ago but had his first debut in “So You Think You Can Drag” at New World Stages. Now, two years later he picked up a sewing machine and now nicknamed "Queen of the reveals". Nathan was raised by two incredible people, John and Renee McManus, who taught him how to treat others with respect and acceptance. He also was lucky enough to have an amazing brother Ian. Life is too short so if you don't take that leap of faith, it'll pass you by. 



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